Blindspot - Season 1

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Blindspot: season 1 - episode 1

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot: A beautiful, naked amnesiac is found in Times Square covered in mysterious tattoos, including one bearing the name of FBI Agent Kurt Weller. Special Agent Weller and his FBI team must decode the map of clues on Jane Doe's body in order to thwart a deadly
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 2

Season 1 Episode 2

A Stray Howl: The team unlocks a cryptic tattoo that points to Major Arthur Gibson, an Air Force pilot with a painful past and a lethal agenda. Jane continues to search for clues to her identity and is haunted when flashes of a disturbing memory force her to question h
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 3

Season 1 Episode 3

Eight Slim Grins: An infamous crew of thieves almost pulls off the perfect jewel heist, except one thief - with a Navy SEAL tattoo identical to Jane's - is captured at the scene of the crime. Does this man know Jane? Meanwhile, Jane receives a visit - and an ambiguous warn
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 4

Season 1 Episode 4

Bone May Rot: Patterson and her puzzle-expert boyfriend, David, decode a tattoo clue that sends the team to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While at the CDC, the team discovers a hidden message on Jane's body that uncovers a plot that could have catastrophic glo
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 5

Season 1 Episode 5

Split the Law: After a seemingly straightforward hostage situation turns out to have deeper international implications, the CIA and FBI find themselves racing against each other to apprehend the same criminal with a dark history. Carter expresses concern about Jane's tr
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 6

Season 1 Episode 6

Cede Your Soul: When an assassination leads the team to a dangerous app that allows criminals to track government vehicles, they have to work with the app's surprising creator to take it down. Jane and Weller attempt to keep their relationship professional. Zapata strugg
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 7

Season 1 Episode 7

Sent On Tour: One of Jane's tattoos sends the team to a remote location where they find themselves face to face with a dangerous criminal in a case that puts Jane and Weller's strained relationship to the test and threatens to expose Mayfair's secrets. Meanwhile, Patte
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 8

Season 1 Episode 8

Persecute Envoys: After a police officer is murdered, Patterson unlocks a disturbing tattoo that appears to have predicted his killing, and the team chases a violent clue trail to stop further attacks. Mayfair reveals secrets from her past to Weller, seriously testing thei
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 9

Season 1 Episode 9

Authentic Flirt: Jane and Weller go undercover as a world-class assassin couple to prevent deadly information from getting into the wrong hands. The intimate assignment draws them closer than ever. Meanwhile, David embarks on a solo mission to win Patterson back, and Cart
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 10

Season 1 Episode 10

Evil Handmade Instrument: In the thrilling mid-season finale the team goes after a group of sleeper spies that have just been activated and race to stop a slew of assassinations.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 11

Season 1 Episode 11

Cease Forcing Enemy: Jane reels from a series of massive revelations about her tattoos and grapples with whether to trust Oscar. Meanwhile, a tattoo leads the team to a shocking discovery in the Black Sea.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 12

Season 1 Episode 12

Scientists Hollow Fortune: After a disturbed Iraq War vet shoots up a military base, the team exposes a sinister plot. As Jane and Weller race to stop a single-minded scientist, Jane recalls her own mysterious military past and contemplates a new relationship with Oscar.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 13

Season 1 Episode 13

Erase Weary Youth: After a tip reveals there's a mole within the FBI's New York Office, the team must hunt for the operative while facing extreme scrutiny from Inspector Fischer. The team's deepest secrets threaten to be exposed, and everyone is a potential suspect - but so
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 14

Season 1 Episode 14

Rules in Defiance: An anonymous tip leads the team to investigate an urgent death row case, ultimately sending Zapata undercover. After nearly getting caught during the mole hunt, Jane considers leaving the FBI.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 15

Season 1 Episode 15

Older Cutthroat Canyon: After a painting featuring one of Jane's tattoos is heisted from a gallery, the team discovers Jane is the real target. In order to protect her team, Jane goes AWOL.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 16

Season 1 Episode 16

Any Wounded Thief: After an armored truck is robbed, the team discovers that the stolen goods are chemical weapons and they must race to thwart a terrorist plot. Meanwhile, Jane grapples with a confusing memory of Weller - while growing even closer to Oscar. Meanwhile Patt
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 17

Season 1 Episode 17

Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts: After Patterson discovers a hidden message in the New York Times crossword, she embarks on a tattoo scavenger hunt that leads her into danger. Oscar finally tells Jane more about who she was, and Weller seeks his Dad's opinion about who kidnapped Taylor S
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 18

Season 1 Episode 18

One Begets Technique: In order to capture a dangerous international criminal, Jane and Weller are forced to collaborate with the only person he will meet: their former target, Rich DotCom. Jane must decide whether to risk hurting Weller by executing a morally questionable orde
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 19

Season 1 Episode 19

In the Comet of Us: When a school shooting breaks out during the investigation of a tattoo, the team splits up to take down the shooter. Mayfair copes with some issues from her past.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 20

Season 1 Episode 20

Swift Hardhearted Stone: When a mysterious young girl with a tattoo connection falls into Borden's care, he brings her case to the FBI team -- but her ties to a terrorist organization prove dangerous for all of them. Meanwhile, a conflicted Jane starts to grow close to Weller aga
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 21

Season 1 Episode 21

Of Whose Uneasy Route: The FBI is locked down when criminal hackers infiltrate the building, trapping the team inside SIOC. As they fight their way out, the close quarters force Mayfair, Zapata, Reade, and Sarah to confront personal conflicts.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 22

Season 1 Episode 22

If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render: After an abandoned baby is found with a tattoo identical to one of Jane's, the team races to piece together the child's identity and save dozens of infants. A furious Jane confronts Oscar about the outcome of his secret missions.
Blindspot: season 1 - episode 23

Season 1 Episode 23

Why Await Life's End: Weller searches for the truth within a heartbreaking and confounding assertion. Jane reaches out to a former suspect for help with Oscar. Meanwhile, the rest of the team struggles to help a friend...

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