Things you need to know about the upcoming Batman movie
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Things you need to know about the upcoming Batman movie

Published on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 7:18 AM

These past years, the DC cinematic universe is slowly but steadily taking form to take on Marvel’s. After a rocky start with movies like Justice League or Batman V Superman, we’ve seen some great films coming from the studio, like Shazam and Joker. Now, the reinvigorated DC universe is ready to introduce its new Batman solo movie, and theories about the film abound all over the internet.


Rumors started materializing as soon as it was revealed that Robert Pattinson was going to play Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film. From there, fans have been grasping at straws to piece together any information revealed about the movie. That’s why today we’ll talk about 5 things that have been officially confirmed about The Batman, including who’ll stand against the caped crusader this time.


When does The Batman take place?


The first thing that caught the fans’ attention was how young Batman looked, especially since we already had Ben Affleck play an older version of the character in the current DC universe. Robert Pattinson is going to play a version of the hero that’s just in his second year of crimefighting.


When the new Batmobile was revealed and it seemed like a muscle car, fans thought that the movie must be set around the 60s or 70s. Turns out that it actually takes place in 2019’s Gotham City. This means that this version of Batman is an alternate one, completely different from the one played by Ben Affleck and the one seen in Justice League.


Who’s the villain?


There was word going around that The Batman included Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, but this rumor was quickly debunked. Instead, Batman will face the Penguin (played by Coli Farrell) and the Riddler (Paul Dano).


Catwoman is also set to appear in the film. In her typical fashion, we’re still unsure if she’ll be with or against Batman. The only thing that’s for sure about Catwoman so far is that she’ll be played by Zoe Kravitz.


Special effects galore


One of the reasons why Justice League was so widely criticized was for its unapologetic use of CGI scenes and characters. It seems like DC took these comments to heart and decided to rectify them in The Batman, which will include many instances where practical effects will be used instead of CGI.


Industrial Light and Magic will also provide some of its technology to the film’s special effects. ILM is the special effects company created by George Lucas and the one that provides many special effects to Star Wars properties, like The Mandalorian. The Batman will also use the company’s new virtual set technology, which renders CGI environments in real-time.


The Batman


Release date


The Batman suffered many setbacks during its production, many of them caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The worst of them was when the main star, Robert Pattinson, caught the disease.


Initially, the movie was set to release around June 2021, but complications meant that the date was no longer realistic. DC now expects the film to release on March 4, 2022.


What’s the story about?


Even though the movie takes place in Batman’s second year as the protector of Gotham, it’s safe to say that the story isn’t based on Batman: Year Two. The villain of that comic book is nowhere to be seen among this film’s cast.


Instead, The Batman will feature a mostly original plot that sees the Caped Crusader investigating the corruption that plagues Gotham. Even worse for him is the revelation that that corruption might have connections to his family. At the same time, a serial killer known as “The Riddler” has the Gotham Police Department up in arms, with only Batman to help resolve the riddle behind the killings.