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It often happens that you sit in front of the TV in the evening and make yourself comfortable on the sofa and then you don't know what kind of movie you might watch. Many people have this problem because in the new time there are many different providers whose contents nobody can overview. Once scrolled through the Netflix app you will find many movies you haven't seen yet, but are they good and do they suit me? At GoWATCH you can get an overview by first selecting one or more streaming providers and our overview will show you directly what's new on the platform, which titles are especially popular and which movies are especially worth watching.

If you watch only love movies for a longer time with certain providers, the algorithm will show you only love movies again and again to meet your interests and keep you watching. This way some interesting movies from other genres can be withheld from you. On GoWATCH you can switch between the genres to find a suitable movie.

It is also possible to narrow down the selection of films further by using the rating. So you don't have to watch a film that looks interesting but doesn't deliver what it promises.

Once you have selected a film, you can get an overview of the title. What do other people think about this film? Does the film exist for free on other platforms? Is there a sequel and if so when? They can watch the trailer to solidify their decision. And after watching the film you can leave a rating with GoWATCH so we can understand your film taste even better.