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In 1798, a feral boy is discovered outside the town of Aveyron, France. Diagnosed as mentally impaired, he is relegated to an asylum. A young doctor named Jean Itard becomes convinced that the boy has normal mental capacity, but that his development was hindered by lack of contact with society. He brings the boy home and begins an arduous attempt at education over several years.
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Antoine Barraud
Victor, l'Enfant Sauvage
Michael K. Osborn
Le Dr Jean Itard
Aël Dallier Vega
Madame Guerin
Chris Hyacinthe
Professor Philippe Pinel
Susan Slaughter
Madame Lemeri


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Bryant Tardy
Scott Englert
Kasper Leick
Armand Barbault
Joosten Kuypers
Michel Sanvoisin
Alex Pront
André Saint-Clivier