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The Power of One (1992)

PK, an English orphan terrorized for his family's political beliefs in Africa, turns to his only friend, a kindly world-wise prisoner, Geel Piet. Geel teaches him how to box with the motto “fight with your fists and lead with your heart”. As he grows to manhood, PK uses these words to take on the system and the injustices he sees around him - and finds that one person really can make a difference.
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Andrew Pollack
P.K. Age 18
Daniel C. McFadden
Alois Moyo
Gideon Duma
Glenn Freemantle
Geel Piet
Ian Roberts
Hoppie Gruenewald


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Marcelo Martinessi
Avi Lerner
Jeff Markwith
Tania Simbrón
Makenzie Vega Norfolk