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When Max fools a gang of local toughs, he finds himself in big trouble. Fleeing from the thugs, Max runs into an old warehouse and bumps into a boom box. By doing that, he manages to release Kazaam, a genie who has been held captive for thousands of years.

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At the moment you can watch the movie "Kazaam" (1996) by director "Gurnita Kaur Kahlon" with a subscription on Disney+.Furthermore You can rent or buy it without subscription on YouTube, Google Play Movies, iTunes or Microsoft Store starting at $2.99. Checkout the list above to find the right offer for you. You can easily click on the icons to get to the offer.
Shaquille O'Neal
Vi-Dieu Nguyen
Maxwell 'Max' Connor
Mamoru Hosoda
Alice Connor
Gavin Edwards
Wade Robson


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Gurnita Kaur Kahlon
Dawn Gilliam
Rick Newsome
Ann Bartek
Jennifer Bentley
John Suits
Anne-Marie Lanza
Sebastian Pearson