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Heer Ranjha - A True Love Story (2009)

You mention any good usual love story and it will have all the usual emotions of love, longing, pain, quest and sacrifice. But the moment you mention Heer Ranjha, the word 'eternal' is pre fixed to all these emotions eternal love, eternal longing, eternal quest and eternal sacrifice. Time is perhaps the ultimate test of greatness and it is a testimony to the enduring appeal of the story of Heer Ranjha that it continues to be a dearly loved part of the collective and individual memory of millions across the world even after almost 300 years. Even today, people across cultures and languages read and sing about the love story of these two star crossed souls. Many a lover has invoked the names of Heer Ranjha to sanctify his love and to express the immeasurable depth of his feelings for his beloved. Such is the reverence and affection that this story has earned from the people that it is no longer a story but has become a metaphor
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Jen Howard
Maxwell Neck
Laura Drummond
Gugu Gill
Luke J.I. Smith

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Dolph Zimmer
John Meehan