Streaming Service Search Engine

GoWATCH is a search and discovery application for movies on the Internet. A service that notifies you of the latest movie releases on the streaming platforms and allows you to keep track of the entire streaming world.

Discover the world of GoWATCH


You always want to be informed when there is a new season of your favorite series? Or you would like to be suggested new movies that might suit you? GoWATCH can inform you about upcoming releases.


Millions of people around the world try to find a suitable film for themselves every evening. The offer of the offerers is very large and in addition, very confusing. GoWATCH helps to find the right film for the evening.

Price comparison

There are many new movies that are not available in a flatrate. The prices of the films can vary from 0.99 dollars to 30 dollars. GoWATCH updates all prices every day to show you the cheapest option.



GoWATCH also offers its database via API to provide other developers with access to prices and availability. The service is offered via RapidAPI.com and can be easily obtained via the standardized API.